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In honor of the great Christian holiday Resurrection of Christ - Easter, Second Easter liturgy was organized at the "St. Kliment" temple in Skopje, led by Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, His Holiness Stefan.

H.H. Stefan also led the midnight liturgy held at St. Kliment last night.

The note from the Archpriest Synod, red by Protoyerey Dragi Kostadinovski reads that "even on such a holiday we can not avoid mentioning the ethnic cleansing and molesting that is still being done over the orthodox population in Macedonia, and the destruction of their homes."

Having in mind this "fragile situation," the Archpriest Synod calls all Macedonian parties "to act as builders of the Macedonian unity, because that is one of the conditions for the future survival of the Macedonian nation, state and Church."

The Synod reminds that this year's Easter is even greater due to the 35th anniversary since the re-establishment of the Ohrid Archbishopcy through the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

In honor of the great Christian holiday Easter the citizens of Tetovo gathered in the St Kiril and Metodij church where the Tetovo archpriest synod held a ceremonial service.

The Metropolitan of Polog and Kumanovo, His Holiness Kiril held a liturgy devoted to the St. Jovan Zlatoust.

Addressing the orthodox believers, H.H. Kiril said that "it is high time the violence, fear and terror against the Orthodox population to stop, as well as the destruction of the Christian temples."

Macedonian Minister of Interior Ljube Boskovski was also present at the liturgy, as well as a group of German intellectuals who are on a study stay in Macedonia. They were informed about the enormous damages made by the Albanian terrorists on the monasteries and churches in the Tetovo area.

A formal ceremony in honor of Easter was also organized at the "St. Virgin Mary" church in Gostivar.

Besides the numerous orthodox believers, the ceremony was also attended by Macedonian Minister of Interior Ljube Boskovski and 15 German intellectuals who are on a study stay in Macedonia.

On this occasion, Minister Boskovski said that "the peace is slowly returning in Macedonia."

"There has been strive for federalization and cantonization of Macedonia, however, learning from the history, this time we realized that if Macedonia was divided that would have been a fault of the Macedonian citizens. That is the reason why we stood against that idea and we stressed that the Macedonian sovereignty and integrity are priceless," Boskovski said.

In honor of the great orthodox holiday, resurrection of Christ - Easter, a formal ceremony was organized in the church "St. Virgin Mary Perivleptos" in Ohrid, headed by Metropolitan of Debar and Kicevo, His Holiness Timotej. The ceremony was attended by about 2,000 guests.

Ceremonies were organized in all churches in this parish, and the total number of believers who gathered to celebrate Easter reached above 10,000.

This afternoon, in the cathedral church St Sofia, a second Easter ceremony will be organized in presence of all priests and monks from the Debar and Kicevo area.

In Veles, the central celebration took place in the "St. Pantelejmon" church, headed by Metropolitan of Veles and Vardar area, His Holiness Jovan.

Total of 5,000 believers gathered at this ceremony, and 5,000 more gathered in the church "St. Spas."

The Bregalnica eparchy held the central ceremony at the "St. Nikola" church in Stip. Metropolitan of Bregalnica His Holiness Agatangel read the note from the archpriest synod in front of the numerous believers.

In Bitola, the metropolitan for Australia and New Zealand and administrator of Prespa and Pelagonija His Holiness Petar headed the ceremony held at the "St. Velikomacenik Dimitrija" church. In Strumica the central ceremony took place in the "St. Kiril and Metodij" church, headed by Metropolitan Naukm. Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski was among the numerous believers.

The Macedonians in Albania celebrate on Sunday the great Orthodox holiday - Easter.

The central ceremonies in Mala Prespa took place in the churches in Vrbnik and in Pustec attended by Priests from Macedonia and representatives of the Macedonian embassy in Tirana.

In honor of Gjurgovden, May 6, the Association of Macedonians from Drac will organize a picnic.

Thousands of Macedonians in Perth, Australia, celebrated the day of Christ's resurrection - Easter.

At the Macedonian orthodox church "St. Nikola" in Perth, Priest Stanko Jovanovski read the note from the Archbishop Synod and announced the Christ's resurrection.

The 99th anniversary from the death of Goce Delcev was also marked in the St Nikola church in Perth, and the Orthodox believers paid their respect to the members of the Macedonian security forces who were killed last year while they defended the Macedonian sovereignty and integrity.

The great Christian holiday Easter was also marked by the Macedonians who live in Sweden and in the USA.

The Macedonians from Gothenburg gathered in the "st. Kiril and Metodij" church, and those who live in Malme gathered in the "st. Naum" church to mark this great holiday. The ceremony in Malme was held by the Metropolitan of the European eparchy, His Holiness Gorazd.

H. H. Gorazd pointed out the need from unity among the Macedonians and respect for the orthodox tradition.

The Macedonians who live in the USA celebrated Easter in the newly built church "St. Virgin Mary" in Detroit. Some of the U.S. TV stations broadcastedtt this ceremony, attended by more than 2,000 Macedonians.