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According to preliminary information, a total of 1,222,711 persons or 73,4% of the 1,664,296 registered voters exercised their right to vote at Sunday's parliamentary elections in Macedonia.

As announced by SEC spokesman Zoran Tanevski, the coalition "Together for Macedonia" won 494,744 votes in all 6 election districts or 40,4%, while the coalition VMRO-DPMNE and LP won 298,404 votes or 24,4%.

The Democratic Union for Integration won 144,913 votes or 11,8%, followed by DPA with 63,695 votes or 5,2%, PDP with 28,397 votes or 2,3% and NDP with 26,237 votes or 2,1%.

SEC says that 208,564 or 74,6%, of a total of 279,593 voters, exercised their voting right in the first election district.

Out of 279,717 voters, registered in the second election district, 203,555 or 72% exercised their voting right. The voters' response at the third election district was at 78,5% or 217,680 out of 277,236 registered voters. At the fourth election district, the voters' response was at 77,3% or 214,270 out of 277,126 registered voters. At the fifth election district, the voters' response was at 71,1% or 194,064 out of 272,842 registered voters.

The coalition 'Together for Macedonia" has won 99, 506 votes at the first election district or 47,7 %; 81,985 votes in the second election district or 40%; 99,493 or 45,7 in the third election district; 104,791 or 49% in the fourth election district; 78,786 or 41,5% in the fifth election district; and 30,183 or 15,9% at the sixth election district.

The coalition VMRO-DPMNE - the Liberal Party has won 38,093 votes or 18% in the first election district; 36,642 or 18% in the second election district; 73,921 or 34% in the third election district; 80,831 or 37% in the fourth election district; 57,683 or 30,4 % in the fifth election district; and 11,234 or 5,9% in the sixth election district.

The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) has won 18,741 votes or 8,9% at the first election district; 21,718 or 10,7% at the second election district; 2,077 or 0,9% at the third election district, 18,746% or 9,8% at the fifth election district; and 82,568 or 44% at the sixth election district.

The Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) has won a total of 31,872 votes or 3%. In the first election district, DPA has won 10,094% or 5,2%; 11,214 or 5,5% in the second election district; 1,413 or 0,6% in the third election district; 8,341 or 4,4% at the fifth election district; and 31,823 or 16,8% at the sixth election district.

The National Democratic Party has won 2,922 or 1,4% at the first election district; 12,643 or 6,2% at the second election district; 2,939 or 1,5% at the fifth election district; and 7,733 or 4% at the sixth election district

The Party for Democratic Prosperity (PDP) has won 9,614 votes or 5% at the sixth election district.

According to SEC spokesman, the final voting results will be announced on Wednesday, with "possible small changes".

The election process could be repeated in the villages Lesok and Runica, as well as in the Kumanovo camp "Kristal", the polling station for internally displaced persons from the Kumanovo-Lipkovo region.

Tanevski emphasized that he had no information on eventual complaints made to the electoral commissions.

Mirjana Lazarova - Trajkovska, President of the State Election Commission (SEC), said that the fourth parliamentary elections in Macedonia were carried out in fair and democratic atmosphere.

"The polling stations are closed. Summarizing of the results is underway. SEC is in session. After midnight, SEC will announce the unofficial results. The initial results will be announced tomorrow at 19,00 hour," Lazarova-Trajkovska said.

According to SEC, today people of Macedonia have proved that fair and democratic elections may be held in the country. "We are pleased with citizens' response and course of the election process in Macedonia," spokesman of the Tanevski said after the closing of the polling stations.

He pointed out that the bodies included in the realization of the elections, as before, fully respect the law, and recommended to the submitters of the candidates' lists to peacefully await for the official announcing of the results by the SEC.

According to the last information, the elections were cancelled in two polling stations, in the villages Lesok and Runica. On Saturday the voting process was cancelled at the polling station in the Kristal camp, where the internally displaced persons from the Kumanovo-Lipkovo area were supposed to realize their right to vote.

As Tanevski reported, by 16.00h over 50% of the voters realized their right to vote, while the precise response of the voters will be announced at the SEC press conference scheduled for 20.00h.

As Tanevski reported, the SEC so far did not receive any complaints about the voting procedure. The complaints, as he said, should be first submitted to the municipal election commissions, than to the regional election commission and at the end to the SEC.

The SEC is expected to announce the preliminary unofficial results around midnight.

The 4th parliamentary elections were held in Macedonia Sunday. A total of 1,664,296 people had the right to vote, electing 120 Members of the Macedonian Parliament.

The voting began at 07,00h Sunday morning, while the 2,973 polling stations were closed at 19,00h.

According to the Voter List, the first election district includes 297,994 voters, the second 278,674, the third 278,202, the fourth 278,508, the fifth 278,871, and the sixth 279,258 voters.

These parliamentary elections are carried out according to the proportional election model for the first time. Each election district will provide 20 Members of Parliament.

The deputies will be elected according to the D' Hondt Formula, which is a simple division of the number of votes of every party list, thus acquiring election quotients.

An invisible ink and ultra-violet lamps were used for the first time, which should assist in the eventual attempts to forge the elections.

A total of 153 candidate lists have been submitted, including 3,060 candidates.

Candidate lists have been submitted by 26 political parties, 7 coalitions with 27 political parties and 5 list carriers of group of citizens.

A total of 30,148 persons have been engaged for the carrying out of the parliamentary elections, including the members of district, municipal and State Election Commission (SEC).

The elections were followed by 4,859 observers, i.e. 3,799 domestic and 1,015 foreign. The domestic citizens' association MOST has most observers (2,872), while OSCE/ODIHR has 857.

A total of 847 accredited journalists and other personnel have been reporting from the parliamentary elections, i.e. 701 domestic and 146 foreign.

The first parliamentary elections in Macedonia were held in 1990, the second in 1994, while the third in 1998.

Source: MIA
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