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Performer: Karolina

Karolina is 22-year old singer who is the winner of numerous awards Macedonia as well as foreign festivals. Her two albums-entitled I’ve Got a Song and Why does a Dream Has an End-had great success, contained several top hits and and sold tremendous  number of copies. Karolina appears throughout the country and is considered among it´s top music stars.


Karolina was born 1980 in Bitola.

Her official debut performance in the music field was yet at the age of 11, at ‘Makfest ‘91’ festival. At the beginning Karolina sings at festivals mainly, her improbable vocal possibilities amazing everyone.

The professional contract with ‘Avalon Production’, signed February 2000, leads her career towards even more serious and professional directions.
In June 2000 her first album was released, entitled 'I’ve Got a Song' – it experiences great success and tremendous number of sold copies.
Karolina performs throughout the country and is considered one of the top music stars.
Her second album, 'Why the Dream Has an End', was released in November 2001. It is said to contain several top hits.

On February 16th, 2002, within the frames of the Macedonian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Karolina was announced the winner of the first prize. Thanking to her popularity, most attractive appearance and excellent vocal possibilities, the selecting was unanimous - by the public in the Macedonian National Theatre, the jury, the televoting and the SMS messages.
Also, it should be mentioned that Karolina is the winner of numerous rewards at Macedonian as well as foreign festivals.