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The Macedonian Government considers that there is no need for increasing of the number of NATO soldiers in Macedonia, Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski said Thursday in Kumanovo.

"I cannot understand why TFF should be deployed in Gevgelija for example," Georgievski said, adding that the Government received no official letter on this matter.

He also said that the VMRO-DPMNE list of candidates for the parliamentary elections would be presented until August 5. Georgievski confirmed that he would lead the list of candidates for the Ohrid-Bitola election district, while Interior Minister would be the first on the list for one of other five districts.

Asked about Macedonia's relations with Albania after the latest border incident, Georgievski said, "It is not a secret that the relations with Albanian has been based on the principle "warm-cold" for the last two years, despite the efforts of Macedonia to improve the situation."

This afternoon, accompanied by Lambe Arnaudov, Director of the Electric Power Supply Company (ESM), and Dragan Daravelski, Director of the Customs Administration, Georgiveki visited the company for wood products "DIER" in Kumanovo.

Vlado Lazarevski, the company Director, briefed Georgievski about the production program and possibilities for further development of this company, which employs 210 persons.

Afterwards, Georgievski visited the company for ceramic products "KIK", with annual production of 80 million pieces, which besides in Macedonia, are presented on the markets in Serbia and Kosovo.

"The visit to Kumanovo is aimed at promotion of a development program for this region, which will take place this evening. We have also wished to learn more about the middle companies, as their successful work may give significant contribution to the GDP growth," Georgievski said.

Today, he also visited the companies "11 Oktomvri", "Polet" and the private enterprise "Sobim".

At the factory "11 Oktomvri", Georgievski was informed about the ongoing production of water pipes, worth about 20 million, for the needs of Dojran Lake "Strezevo" - Bitola irrigation system.

In the evening, Georgievski attended a promotion of the Association "For Better Kumanovo", which took place in the Kumanovo Spa.

The association will deal with everyday problems and projects for development of Kumanovo.

Association chairman Dragan Daravelsi, who presented the working program, said that water supply, arranging of the Church "St. Nikola" Park and restoration of the art gallery in the "Sokolana" building were considered as priority tasks.

The association will also assist in employment of high-educated persons, and modernization of the border crossing Tabanovce according to the European standards.


Source: MIA
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